2018 RYFO Coaching Staffs

2018 Coaches Committee

Director of Football Operations - Jim Newcomer

Assistant Director of Football Operations - Kevin Heard

RYFO President - Mike Naviglia

RYFO Vice-President - Scott Dadowski

RYFO At Large Member - Matt McIntyre


The coaches committee met and reviewed the new coaching candidate applications that were properly completed and submitted according to RYFO and League by-laws.

The committee is thrilled to welcome to RYFO the following new coaches who bring YEARS of football knowledge and experience along with them;

Shawn Creevey, Josh Petit, Mike Hazel, Tony Litwicki, Shawn McQuade, Mitch Ekas and Dan Denlinger

After review and a lenghty discussion, and based on the premise of "It's ALL about the kids" the coaches committee are pleased to announce the 2018 RYFO Coaching Staffs


Troy Owen - Head Coach

Jason Jackson - Offensive Coordinator

Josh Petit - Defensive Coordinator              

Lucas Seskey

Adam Dickson



Scott Dadowski - Head Coach

Jim Newcomer - Offensive Coordinator

Kevin Heard - Defensive Coordinator  

Terry Lilly

Mike Hazel

Dan Denlinger



Brian Carney - Head Coach

Mike Naviglia - Offensive Coordinator

Shawn Creevey - Defensive Coordinator

Tony Litwicki

Shawn McQuade 

Mitch Ekas